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  • remixing

    so i finished the demo of dub croaky and it’s up on soundcloud for FREE DOWNLOAD (yeh!) i played around with some “loudness” to give the demo a bit of weight, but i don’t think i’ll be changing much before it goes off for mastering – it will probably be the b-side of the next […]

  • Epic Proportions

    so i’ve been chipping away at my experiments with the new studio gear. i spent a lot of time noodling with the pocket operator, and i ended up recording some long monotonic sequences to form the basis of the new track. the real fun came when i patched the pocket operator through the moog mf […]

  • Noodling

    since the last demo, i have been playing with some new gear in the studio. we have acquired a roland ju-06 and wan o they wee pocket operators from teenage engineering. these are cute wee sound toys, and they will inevitably find their way onto a single release at some point – when i have […]

  • those shallow games

    i finally managed to get the demo finished! you can now listen to those shallow games on soundcloud. it has been a labour of love, this one – wrestling with all the problems and changes in the studio whilst trying to keep focus on the original idea of screwing around with vintage computer games. i […]

  • DAW 84

    i have been having so many problems with the latest updates to the studio DAW that i decided to simplify the situation a bit. above shows the new system – it never crashes and it never needs a software upgrade. not really. this actually represents a test setup for the next project – a 1984 […]

  • broken windows

    a somewhat painful month is coming to an end. i’ve managed to add some new sections to the break-bit project, but this has been fraught with technical irritation (boo hoo, poor me). firstly, a warning must go out to those upgrading their DAWs to Windows 10 – or Windows 8 as it is underneath … […]

  • break-bit and chimes

    i’ve been fooling around with the samples from my (now cherished) donkey kong game. i’ve not been able to pitch these sounds to use them as an instrument yet, but i’ll keep trying. either way, they sound pretty cute in their own percussive way. on top of this i’ve been tinkering with vocoders – once […]

  • dirty donkey

    since the meat street dog star project, i have extended my collection of vintage toys. i acquired a nintendo game & watch donkey kong from circa 1982. the sonics of this device are limited to some atonal beeps, but why should this prevent me screwing with them …? the sounds are typically puny, but once […]