the results of the experiment

i just finished my down tempo exploration into the world of funk, called it “competition” and added it to the maze car demo stream. i also tweaked “signals and signs” a bit, but you might not notice the difference smiley

it turned out quite dark in the end – for a couple of reasons. firstly, i guess my music is by its very nature slightly mysterious, because i always shy away from any happy-clappy chord sequences that risk me plunging into a vat of cheese (if you get my drift).

secondly, the blues and funk chords are derived from a minor pentatonic, so it’s easy for that to cast a bit of a shadow over the music when i’m writing (i’m no master composer after all!). despite this, i think i managed to pull out some nice grooves and tinge them with my favoured electro buzz.

lyrically, it explores the notion that perhaps the free market model is not best suited to every facet of our lives. don’t get me wrong – i love the fact that we can buy and sell goods freely, and choose one product or service over another. at the same time, though, it seems that the free market is not always the best model to apply. do i really need “supermarket-style” competition on public services? do i really want to select a new supplier on a monthly basis because they raised their prices slightly less than the others?

sometimes it seems like a silly game i don’t feel i should have to play.

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