when is that single coming out …?

recently, i have been prepping the new single for release. it will contain meat street dog star and febone, and will be available via all the usual outlets (including my bandcamp store).

i’ve experienced a few irritations with the production process which have dragged on for a few weeks. this started with niggles in the daw (crashing, playing stuff out of time etc.) and culminated with a leak in the studio roof smiley thankfully i managed to move the precious moog before any damage was done!

the tracks on the single have no lyrics as such. i wrote the tunes with some words in mind, but it seems that after you’ve stuffed a big fat moog up your tune, there isn’t much space for voice smiley

i realised all this whilst recording the vocal parts. i don’t really have a pop-friendly tenor voice that could be placed in the mix, and i struggled to sing at 136bpm … singing lessons needed methinks!

i also tried adding some synthesised vocals using miriam, but she didn’t cut through either. in the end, i think the big hairy synth line is enough!

the music is basically inspired by the old skool breakbeat and up-tempo sounds of yesteryear – heavy in bass and dubby sound fx. i also sampled some retro computer gear and spun it around to make some sweet chip-tune beeps and drones.

the final mixes will be off to mastering this week, so watch this space (and voxel records news, of course) for the release date!

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