shake it all about

bye bye europe. another close call on the recent refeyendum, and more uncertainty to come. it was a bitter campaign between two factions, stained with conjecture, untruths and xenophobia. i think it would have been better to make the facts about the EU clear, rather than just making shit up and trying to scare people. anyway, it’s done now.

throughout all this, i have been remixing Those Shallow Games in preparation for the next single. this has been a bit of a slog, and involved some rearrangement as well as intricate mixing and balancing – although i think i am almost there. all except for a vocal. there is a chance i may enlist the help of a real vocalist, but time constraints may mean that i have to do it myself :s

either way, i’m fairly happy with the mood of the track, the sounds and the balance. it still has the retro game sounds in (the shallow ones), and the main riffs, but i tried to enhance the bits of the groove i liked. getting the bass to be deep, fluid and manageable required lots of moog-twiddling! hopefully the single will emerge next month …

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