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  • weekender

    i spent this weekend in glasgow. i wasn’t on any particular music expedition, but i did manage to catch up with a bunch of old friends and have a pint in king tut’s – a venue i played many many gigs at “back in the 90s”. apart from no longer serving the grotty brown water […]

  • albums and new tracks

    after having dropped my single on the internet (like a grain of salt in the ocean of music), i’ve started thinking about developing the album. i don’t have enough written yet for the 9 or 10 tracks one would expect, but the aim is to spend the rest of the year getting it together. i […]

  • found sound

    today i went down to the garden of my friend j’s flat and we basked in the sun, each with a cold beer. j’s garden is regularly tidied, and she had collected a few bags of what we shall call “organic matter” ready for the bin. i noticed these produced a satisfying thud when dropped […]