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  • latest demo

    just finished my latest demo and posted on soundcloud here. it took a few weeks to get the tracks down, but then it took me the last couple of months to sort out the lyrics it was hard to get my thoughts into words, but i ended up nailing down a couple of animal-related analogies […]

  • contraflow

    life has been pretty rapid of late, and writing has been slow. my current project started out as a sort of “trad house” effort – a traditional four-to-the-floor bass drum and a chord progression. the idea was to produce a sort of accessible pop tune, but since i started writing it my influences have pulled […]

  • tech tard

    i had a bit of a tech tard moment the other day. i’m sure i’m not the only one. there i was, reading my old-fashioned print copy of future music, when i felt a picture on the page was not large enough. my first reaction was to pinch-pull at the picture to make it bigger, […]

  • the results of the experiment

    i just finished my down tempo exploration into the world of funk, called it “competition” and added it to the maze car demo stream. i also tweaked “signals and signs” a bit, but you might not notice the difference it turned out quite dark in the end – for a couple of reasons. firstly, i […]

  • the mystique: rm hubbert

    on thursday, i went to see rm hubbert at the railway in winchester. i’ve not been to a live gig for a while, so it was good to put my feelers out and start catching up. hubby is an old friend from the glasgow music scene, and i’d not seen him for quite a while. […]

  • movies and music

    i’ve been continuing with my exploration of slow pace blues and funk keys. i have also been soaking up old funk records (including the inimitable mr. brown) in conjunction with dark electro. what vibes will emerge by the time the track is finished? who knows … i have reached the point where i have some […]

  • slow it down

    after a few lazy bbqs and some luscious summer weather, i came to thinking that it was time to chill out and slow down. i had no intention of charging along at 140 bpm for the whole album, so now was the time to dust off my rhodes (plug-in) and go in search of some […]

  • new demo

    i recently finished the first stage of another track for the album, and posted the first demo mix at soundcloud recently, i downloaded the animoog app for my ipod touch, and and this has proved a luscious addition to the production. even using the standard audio outputs from the ipod, this thing wails and screams […]