Author: maze car

  • a date for the single release

    there is finally a date for the release of my next single, and it is 14th july the single, featuring tracks meat street dog star and febone, will be available for download from all the usual outlets (yer amazon, yer itunes, yer spotify, yer beatport). it will also be available on bandcamp, which is my […]

  • when is that single coming out …?

    recently, i have been prepping the new single for release. it will contain meat street dog star and febone, and will be available via all the usual outlets (including my bandcamp store). i’ve experienced a few irritations with the production process which have dragged on for a few weeks. this started with niggles in the […]

  • self aware

    since the meat street dog star experiment, i have been mainly experimenting with old skool break beat as time allows. the current tune seems to be forming into a hi tempo breakfest with some phat synth judder – but i am also trying to keep it slightly organic with a bit of guitar. hopefully this […]

  • meat street dog star

    i finally managed to get the first cut of my new track meat street dog star up into the cloud. i’m pretty happy with the content, but it still needs some tweaks and a vocal line. the track is a dubtronica groove – by which i mean it has big sub-bass, delays, weird fx and […]

  • updates updates updates

    and so i decided to take the plunge and update my daw to the latest version. this was a relatively quick and easy process, and thankfully cost me very little in time and money. however, doing this in the middle of my current dubtronica experiments wasn’t the best time. it seems that some of my […]

  • independence?

    and so yesterday scotland voted against independence from the uk (as you may have noticed). i was not entitled to a vote, on account of living in england, but this is fair enough. how would i have voted, though? i knew many in each camp. most folk with business interests that depend on the economy […]

  • august trips

    my original intention with this solo project was to do a single release and build tracks into an album. however, as i have been experimenting with various styles it would seem a bit more sensible to continue releasing singles until i come to rest with a consistent sound that warrants an album project. not only […]

  • summer is here

    with all the lovely weather outside it’s hard to sit in the studio making music, so I’ve been going out to the Purbecks quite a bit or just ambling around the beach. i watched this movie called The Tournament, with starring roles from the likes of Robert Carlyle and Ving Rhames. the plot was the […]