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  • no surprises

    it’s been a while since i wrote on this blog, but it seemed like a good time to leave an update! a wee while ago i dropped a demo of my next single ursa major data miner, which you can hear on the soundcloud and download for free. it will be officially released this year, […]

  • air dog

    over the last few months, i have been doing a bit of research into dubstep and experimenting with its production. this is all to support voxel records’ electronic music adventures series, which you can read on the homepage. dubstep is a style i particularly like, but i’ve never tried writing anything like it. despite my […]

  • formula techno

    since the single release, i have been helping to research the meaning of techno. rather than some pythonesque quest for the unattainable, the aim of this wee project was to listen to old and new music labelled in this manner and try to create something in the same vein. i don’t tend to frequent a […]

  • good to know

    time for some retrospective on the initial responses to the new single … it’s always good to learn how people react to new music. in fact, next to doing a lot of listening myself, it’s probably one of the most important ways to grow as a producer. Those Shallow Games has received a lukewarm reception […]

  • at long long last

    and so, after much mucking around and various hurdles, the new single is finally emerging from the release pipeline the tracks will be available for FREE download on Soundcloud, Bandcamp and Orfium and this wonderful FREE deal will last until the next single is released. i think the next release will also be free from […]

  • work and non-work

    i guess a lot of writers have this problem: i got to the stage where the next single was in the almost done state, and then i discovered a nice wee chord sequence which demanded i include it. i have since found myself furiously trying to get the thing to fit sweetly in the track. […]

  • electronic family

    a break from the studio and all that other stuff saw me take a long weekend in amsterdam. here, i was taken by the hand and introduced to electronic family 2016 – a young and intimate one-day trance event in the bos. i spent a great day here absorbing different flavours of trance among a […]

  • shake it all about

    bye bye europe. another close call on the recent refeyendum, and more uncertainty to come. it was a bitter campaign between two factions, stained with conjecture, untruths and xenophobia. i think it would have been better to make the facts about the EU clear, rather than just making shit up and trying to scare people. […]

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